Introduction to irfpy.util

Module irfpy.util provides basic functionality for my scientific analysis and simulations.

The module is referred from other irfpy projects.

The policy is that the irfpy.util module must not depend on other irfpy subprojecst.


The module is setuptools compatible. So the user can install the module simply by

python install

Note that some third party libraries must be installed independently, preferably before.

Depending modules

The irfpy.util module depends on third party modules. Please install them manually.

The following modules can be installed by the OS’s python package system.

Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib and sympy

A commonly used numerical and graphic libraries should be installed.

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • matplotlib

  • sympy

The build of the above four libraries are sometimes not simple. I recommend to install them from an OS-level packaging system.


Main author is Yoshifumi Futaana (Swedish Institute of Space Physics).