Tools for flux (differential, velocity distribution)

Code author: Yoshifumi Futaana


The module is deprecated. Use irfpy.util.fluxtools. (Just change the import statement.)

This module provide tools for flux manipulations (differential flux, count rate, velocity distribution function)

Containers of differential flux and count rate in a spherical coordinates are implemented in irfpy.util.energyspectrum. The velocity distribution functions are implemented in irfpy.util.vdf module.


Representation of the differential flux on grids in polar coordinates.

irfpy.util.energyspectrum.CountRateGrid(cps, ...)

Represent the count rate (counts per sec) on grids in polar frame.

irfpy.util.vdf.VelocityDistributionGrid(vdf, ...)

Represents the velocity distribution function on grids in polar frame


Conversion from velocity distribution function to differential flux.


Conversion from differential flux to velocity distribution function.

cnt2dflx_simple_convfact(count_rate, gfactor)

Conversion from count rate to differential flux using g-factor.

Code author: Yoshifumi Futaana