This module provides a collection of physical constants.

Code author: Yoshifumi Futaana

Defines some constants.

Many attribute has methods ending with _u, which support the irfpy.util.unitq` module.

More comprehensive list of physical constant is in scipy.constants or quantities.constants so that it may be a good idea to use those instead of this module.

You may also find document:

Scipy version 1.4.1 or higher is recommended. = 1.67262192369e-27

Mass of proton in kg.

irfpy.util.constant.mp_u = array(1.67262192e-27) * kg

Mass of proton.

irfpy.util.constant.amu = 1.6605390666e-27

Atomic mass unit in kg.

irfpy.util.constant.amu_u = array(1.66053907e-27) * kg

Atomic mass unit

irfpy.util.constant.m_hydrogen = 1.673723746788804e-27

Mass of hydrogen atom in kg.

irfpy.util.constant.m_hydrogen_u = array(1.67372375e-27) * kg

Mass of hydrogen atom = 9.1093837015e-31

Mass of electron in kg.

irfpy.util.constant.me_u = array(9.1093837e-31) * kg

Mass of electron.

irfpy.util.constant.qe = 1.602176634e-19

Elementary electric charge in C

irfpy.util.constant.e_u = array(1.60217663e-19) * C

Elementary electric charge

irfpy.util.constant.abs0 = -273.15

Absolute zero point in Cercius deg.

No abs0_u is defined, since the conversion of temperatures (degC and Kelvin) is not supported by quantities.

irfpy.util.constant.kB = 1.380649e-23

Boltzman constant in J/K

irfpy.util.constant.kB_u = array(1.380649e-23) * J/K

Boltzman constant

irfpy.util.constant.c_u = array(2.99792458e+08) * m/s

Light speed = 9.80665

Gravitational acceleration in m/s^2

irfpy.util.constant.gn_u = array(9.80665) * m/s**2

Gravitational acceleration in m/s^2

irfpy.util.constant.G = 6.6743e-11

Constant of gravitation in m^3 / s^2 kg

irfpy.util.constant.G_u = array(6.6743e-11) * m**3/(kg*s**2)

Constant of gravitation

irfpy.util.constant.eps0 = 8.8541878128e-12

Permittivity in vacuum in F/m

irfpy.util.constant.eps0_u = array(8.85418781e-12) * F/m

Permittivity in vacuum

irfpy.util.constant.planck_constant = 6.62607015e-34

Planck constant in m^2 kg / s

irfpy.util.constant.planck_constant_u = array(6.62607015e-34) * kg*m**2/s

Planck constant

irfpy.util.constant.stefan_boltzmann_constant = 5.670374419e-08

Stefan-boltzmann constant in W m-2 K-4.

This is equals to

\[\sigma = \frac{2\pi^5k_B^4}{15c^2h^3}\]