Access to differential number flux data of VEX/ELS.

Data access by “data center” approach.

class irfpy.vels.dnf.DataCenterFlux128[source]

Bases: irfpy.vels.rawdata.DataCenterEls

Data center for the E128 energy mode.

>>> import datetime
>>> import irfpy.vels.dnf
>>> import numpy as np
>>> dc = irfpy.vels.dnf.DataCenterFlux128()
>>> t0 = datetime.datetime(2011, 11, 2, 23, 10)
>>> d0 = dc.nearest(t0)
>>> print(d0[0])
2011-11-02 23:09:59.122000
>>> print('{:.2e}'.format(np.nanmax(d0[1])))


  • cache_size – Size of the ring cache.

  • name – The name of the

  • copy – Boolean if the returned data is to be deep-copied (True) or reference (False). It is good to return the data after the copy, since then the data is always original. Returning reference is possibly faster, while there are side effect that the post-processing will destroy the original data. Therefore, it is recommended to set True always. The copy value can be overwritten by each method as necessity.


Read the file contents.

From a given file, electron data is read. The format is in the irfpy.vels.scidata.ElsCountData object.