Quick install

Install Anaconda python

irfpy is optimally designed under Anaconda Python package running on MacOSX or Linux.


Definitivaly irfpy works with any python packages, but irfpy development team cannot support installation and setup of such packages.


So far irfpy development team does not have resources to support Windows. For Windows user, it is worthwhile to consider using VirtualBox or equivalent to install Linux system.

  1. Download the Anaconda Python from https://www.continuum.io/downloads.

  2. Install Anaconda Python following the instruction (e.g. http://conda.pydata.org/docs/install/quick.html).

  3. It is recommended to exercise “30 minute test drive” for conda (http://conda.pydata.org/docs/test-drive.html).

Install and Upgrade irfpy.sara

Installation is simple enough, using pip, the python package manager.

conda install -c conda-forge spiceypy
conda install -c conda-forge basemap

The irfpy packages are installed or upgraded via

pip install --no-index --find-links=https://irfpy.irf.se/sdist irfpy.util irfpy.sara irfpy.planets -U

For data analysis, libsadppac should be installed as well. libsadppac is provided separatedly. Please refer to installation of libsadppac.

Installing libsadppac