irfpy.aspera is developed by a lead of Dr Yoshifumi Futaana at IRF (Swedish Institute of Space Physics).

This project is not at all funded externally as of 2016-07-27, indicating that the development is fully voluntary, and best-effort based. Therefore, any feedback from the users is a key for improvement.

Bug report

Please e-mail to, for example,

  • bugs

  • strange features

  • unexpected results

  • strange error messages

  • error in documents

  • recommendation for future development

Code contribution

We are more than happy if the users send us any codes related to irfpy.aspera, for example,

  • sample code to use irfpy.aspera

  • script that produce a specific plot

  • new features implemented in library

Send e-mail to for details.

Document contribution

Document is available at User’s report on document, for example,

  • non-working example

  • non-understandable English

is always welcome.

I have to admit that some document is outdated. Also, some document is too technical and users do not need to know. But anyway, any comments are useful for improvement.

Simplest way of report is

  1. Copy and paste the document (full page) to Microsoft Word, or equivalent (openoffice, libreoffice, Pages, etc).

  2. Edit the text using “Version tracking system”

  3. Send the file to


Interface to do communication (forum?) between the developers and users is to be considered.