Backend of NPI data set.

class irfpy.npicommon.backend.NpiFileCommon(filename, compress=None, baseuriname=None, loglevel=None)[source]

Bases: object

NPI data file for the base of both MEX and VEX.

This is a backend of the NPI database. The class is an abstract class, therefore, it should be impolemented according to MEX and VEX.

  • filename – File name to open.

  • compress – Force decompression. None or “plain” or “gzip” or “bzip2”. If None’s case, one assumed the compression from the suffix.

  • baseuriname – If specified, self.filename is replaced by the baseuriname instead of the real file name. This may be used if the open file is a temporal file (decompressed or network file).

openfile(filename, compress=None)[source]

ABSTRACT: Read the data.

Abstract method. Load the file File should be loaded from the file pointer fp, and saved it into the JdSeries instance named self.npidata.


Return the reference to the dataset, i.e. self.npidata.