MEX pvat information.


This module is deprecated. Use irfpy.mexpvat.mexspice module.

PVAT information is obtained from Peje’s format file. The simplest way is using getPvatFile() to instance PvatFile class.

> pv = getPvatFile(1500)


Sample code with embedded sample file should be produced.


A new pvat2 module, resembling to vexpvat.pvat2 module, to be developed.

class irfpy.mexpvat.pvat.PvatFile(uriname)[source]

Bases: object

PVAT data file. Peje’s formatted file.

Peje’s formatted file consists of various information.

Two is so far supported.

Position of MEX w.r.t. the Mars in MSO coordinates.

Get via the member of poslist (JdSeries instance) or getNeighbor()

Position of Phobos w.r.t. the Mars in MSO coordinates.

Get via the member of phoboslist (JdSeries instance).

A sample can be seen in the script of mexpvat_phobos_distance.

Open a specified.


Return the closest data in the format of JdObject.


Return the instance of PvatFile from the given orbit number.

Read the PVAT file refering to [mexpvat]-pvaturibase entry in the RcFile.