irfpy.asperacommon.domain_common.bisect_boundary_crossing(t0, t1, inside_function, tolerance=0.1)[source]

A function that returns the boundary crossing time.


This function may go to irfpy.util

  • t0 – Time to start to examine.

  • t1 – Time to stop to examine.

  • inside_function – A function that receive a single time, returning the boolean. Examples are inside_icb() or inside_bowshock().

  • tolerance – Tolerance in seconds.


The boundary crossing time.

The crossing time in between t0 and t1 is returned.

  1. inside_function(t0) and inside_function(t1) should not be the same value.

  2. Boundary crossing between t0 and t1 should be once. If multiple crossings exist, only a single crossing is returned, and we do not know which crossing is the returned.